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Radiative Transfer Treatments forAstrophysical Applications

RadTransferPoster This is a joint workshop between the CosmoComp and Charm networks focusing on radiative transfer. This small workshop will, including a theoretical introduction to the subject and hands-on session using radiative transfer software tools, will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands in May. For more details and information about registration please see the school website: cosmocompcharmschool2013.strw.leidenuniv.nl/

27-31 May 2012

Galaxy Mocks for Cosmology

Cosmocomp will hold a workshop on generating galaxy mocks for large scale surveys in Barcelona, Spain on the 11th - 13th March, hosted by the IEEC/CSIC. Attendance at this workshop will be limited, registration is now open. See here for more details.

11-13 March 2013


Marie Curie Logo The aim of this workshop is to gather together young researchers and senior experts from the COSMOCOMP nodes, to discuss recent advancements in the field of modern cosmology, in an informal and lively environment.

The meeting is not restricted to COSMOCOMP fellows and coordinators, but the number of attendees will be limited to ~80 due to constraints in the logistics. All people interested in attending the meeting are invited to register (http://adlibitum.oats.inaf.it/meetings/COSMOCOMPTS/registration.html) before June 30th and indicate if they plan to give a talk. We encourage all COSMOCOMP fellows to present their work.

4-7 September 2012

Subhaloes Going Notts, Nottingham

Subhaloes Poster Unlike the previous CosmoComp workshops this workshop will focus on sparking off new projects using the data collected for the subhalofinder comparison project "Subhaloes going Notts". After an initial introduction of the participating subhalofinders and the existing data, everyone is encouraged to propose, join and work on various projects related to the wealth of data created for "Subhaloes going Notts".

The workshop is organised by the "Subhaloes going Notts" Team: Frazer Pearce, Alexander Knebe, Julian Onions, Stuart Muldrew, Hanni Lux and Steffen Knollmann. More details can be found on the workshop website here.

14-18 May 2012

Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment, Trieste

Sfenrichment Poster The third CosmoComp workshop was held at the Trieste Observatory from 14-16 March 2012, on the topic of Star Formation and Chemical Enrichment. It consisted of interactive lectures and group-activites.

The workshop was organised by Madhura Killedar, Till Sawala, Susana Planelles and Weiguang Cui. More information can be found here.

14-16 March 2012

Cooling Workshop, Leiden

Cooling Workshop Poster The second CosmoComp workshop was held at the Leiden Observatory, organised by Till Sawala and Milan Raicevic. This covered the topic of cooling in numerical siumlations. A number of discussions on the theory of gas cooling, the implementation in semi analytic modes and the implementation in numerical simulations were presented.

One of the key elements of the workshop included implementing a simple cooling model into an SPH code.

For more details on the workshop, please see Gas Cooling Workshop.

12 - 14 Oct 2011

Mid Term Review, Saclay

The CosmoComp Mid Term Review was help at the Institute d'Astrophysique in Saclay on the 19th of September. For more details see Mid Term Review

19 Sep 2011

Feedback Workshop, Durham

Feedback Workshop Poster The first CosmoComp workshop was held in Durham prior to the Galaxy Formation Conference at the ICC, Durham. This workshop included talks and discussions on the topics of supernova and AGN feedback with a focus on hands on exercises and practical sessions.

The event was organised by Hanni Lux and Michelle Furlong. The full program and talks from this program can be found at the Feedback Workshop website, thanks to Hanni Lux.

14, 15 July 2011

Microsoft Research PhD Summer School, Cambridge

CosmoComp Logo One of CosmoComp's industrial partners, Microsoft Research, invited a number of CosmoComp fellows to their Summer School, where all attendees presented posters to an audience of students and researchers with various computational backgrounds. The workshop exposed CosmoComp fellows to the range of research carried out at Microsoft with the intention of facilitating collaboration across different areas of computational science. The Summer School also focused on transferrable skills, such as managing your research projects and writing effective science papers.

27 June - 1 July 2011

CosmoComp Conference, Garching

CosmoComp Logo The first CosmoComp conference was held at the MPA in Garching, Munich. Fellows and coordinators attended this conference, where members of CosmoComp met for the first time and presented the projects they are to undertake. An overview of the whole network and the aims and objectives were also presented.

April 2011