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Research Interests

Understanding the origin of galaxy morphologies is one of the leading challenges of galaxy formation studies. Although the main morphological components (disks, spheroids) of galaxies seem to be present at all redshifts surveyed so far by observation, it has become apparent over the past decade that the available data point to a scenario where the morphology of individual galaxies evolves continuously. The net spin of a galaxy controls, to a large extent, its morphology. Therefore, understanding details of how angular momentum of a galaxy is built-up, preserved and/or transferred between different mass components of a galaxy during the various stages of its formation is of paramount importance to achieve the primarily goals of my project.

Because of its complexity and non-linearity, this is a challenging problem that requires the use of high-resolution numerical simulations of a representative volume of the Universe. We are currently working with Prof. Simon D.M. White and collaborators in analyzing data from the GIMIC simulations in order to address the mass and spin acquisition together with other related issues in the field of galaxy formation.

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